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    Professional Requirements

    Human Resources - Professional Requirements


    Professional employees whose positions require SBEC certification or professional license are responsible for taking actions to ensure their credentials do not lapse. Employees must submit documentation that they have passed the required certification exam and/or obtained or renewed their credentials to the central office in a timely manner.

    A certified employee’s contract may be voided without due process and employment terminated if the individual does not hold a valid certificate or fails to fulfill the requirements necessary to extend a temporary certificate, emergency certificate, probationary certificate, or permit. A contract may also be voided if SBEC suspends or revokes certification because of an individual’s failure to comply with criminal history background checks. Contact  Sharon Partin at the central office if you have any questions regarding certification or licensure requirements.

    Fingerprinting Information

     Senate Bill 9 requires all school districts to incorporate the national background check for all personnel employed by the district beginning January 1, 2008.  All applicants will be required to schedule an appointment thru the Human Resources department and complete fingerprinting requirements after a job offer is extended and prior to beginning to work at Nocona ISD