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**Early Dismissal will be at 1:00 pm on Wednesday Jan. 28th**
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**Early Dismissal on Wednesday January 28th at 1:00 pm**

Detention Bites started as simply a fun way to make a zombie movie at school. Under the direction of Kieran Gibbs, and the writing assistance of Jessie Griggs; the idea grew into a psychological thriller where zombies were only a minor part. The true focus was a student's revenge. Scripting and Storyboarding went rather quickly because everyone was so excited about the first feature of the year. The three students (Tanner Rivera, Peyton Crabtree, and Tyler Prastik) immediately clicked in their roles... which made filming a blast. Our Producer/Teacher (Tristan Willard) made a believable young, but doomed teacher. The flashback was going to be a nice touch, but we needed an "older" gentleman for the role. That's when we asked ourselves, "Where do we find an older actor that seemed as if he could have a heart attack at any given moment?" Almost unanimously we said, "Mr. Peterson!" He happily volunteered for the role, and did a surprisingly accurate job of seizing in the floor with chest pain. The next dilemma came when we realized that none of us knew how to make a realistic zombie. One phone call to Lindsay Jacobson and Kelsey Pierce landed us the best makeup crew in the business, or at least anyone we personally know. However, we can't forget the rest of the crew. Blake Morrison, did an outstanding job with the cinematography, and single-handedly edited the rough footage and turned it into the polished product we see here. Luis Rico (Sound), Dylan Estrada (Lighting, Assistant Camera), Juan Mancilla (Script Supervisor), Mack Hill (Assistant Director/Grip) all worked together seamlessly to make a production that would leave us all with a sense of pride.

Nocona School Board – A Work of Heart

Please take the time to express your appreciation to a very special group of people

who volunteer to serve our community, the Nocona School Board members. The

School Board members volunteer their time, energy, and guidance to the school

district – without pay. Each Board member strives to make the best decisions they

can for our children. They care about our schools being the best they can be. They

care about the next generation and the future of this community.

 Your Nocona ISD Board Members are:

Dr. Len Dingler    **President
      Guy Hill              **Vice President
Pat Keck             **Secretary
           Brad Breeze       Donnie Fenoglio       Greg Fuller         Kyle Lamar

Just a Reminder if you can't make it out to the High School Basketball Home games they are being streamed and announced live through our outstanding Media & Technology Department.
Just go to YOUTUBE and search NHS DIGITAL MEDIA to watch the games live with the Tomahawk News Team.

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