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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Students will complete much of their assignments in class. With that being said, the homework the students may have will consist of notes for the upcoming unit,  completion of unfinished  classwork assignments and/or reading. Six weeks project and independent reading need to be completed for homework.

Absolutely! If students need extra help or have a question, I will be here. Students may come in during lunch, before or after school.

Extra credit is available every six weeks. It is up to the student to visit with me about their options. Extra credit may not be turned in the last week of a 6 weeks.

Yes. Internet is available at each campus and accessible for all students. Students may need to stay after school and/or come before school begins to complete the assignment. 

Yes. English I and PreAP students will take the STAAR test at the end of March. Students must pass their English I STAAR test to graduate. 

Contact Rebecca Wilson

School Phone:

Remind 101

To join the class Remind text message system

text 571-389-7937

 class codes:

     Pre-AP: @1preap2021

     English I: @nhseng1