Under the Sea/Letter Nn (Week 30)

Image result for fish in net cartoon


Theme:                                           Under the Sea continued (NET)

Letter:                                             Nn

Color:                                              Review All

Shape:                                             Review All

Number:                                         - Number Recognition

                                                          -Pattern review


Weekly Literature:         “Rainbow Fish”

                                          “Fish Eyes”       

                                           “Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea”

                                            “Ten Little Fish”

                             “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell!”


Home Activity:           -Rhyming Words

                                      -Letter/Sound Recognition


**1 dozen filled Easter eggs due on Tues., April 11th **

**Easter Egg Hunt Thurs., April 13th (10:15-10:45AM/2:45-3:15PM)

**Book Orders due Tuesday, April 18th**