Farm (Week 13)

                                                         Image result for farm animals

Theme:                                           Farm Animals

Letter:                                             Qq 

Color:                                             pink

Shape:                                             rectangle

Number:                                         - #7

                                                        - Number 1-10 Recognition



Weekly Literature:            “Click Clack 1 2 3”

                                                “Click Clack a b c”   

                                                “Life on a Farm”

                                                “Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm”

                                                “Barnyard Banter”


Home Activity:          -Letter/Sound Recognition

                                      -Rhyming Words


**Just a reminder: if a student is out sick in order to return to school they must be fever/vomit/diarrhea free (without medication) for a 24 hour period**