Gingerbread & Cookies (Week 15)



Theme:                                           Gingerbread men & Cookies

Letter:                                             C c

Color:                                              Green

Shape:                                             Circle

Number:                                         5 five

Rhyme Time Words:                             Cook/Hook


Weekly Literature:            “The Gingerbread Baby”

                                                “The Gingerbread Mouse”

                                                “Gingerbread Girl”  

                                                “Gingerbread Friends”

                                                “The Best Mouse Cookie”


Science Concept:                -Measurement and measurement tools


**We will be decorating cookies on Friday, Dec. 2.  Please sign up for an item on the front window.  Please have all items here by Thursday, Dec. 1--JThanks!

  • Book Orders Due December 2nd.  You can order online or send cash.


**Book Fair in the Library this week----you can call the front office for more details.**