Pets (Week 12)




Theme:                                           Pets

Letter:                                             K k

Color:                                              White

Shape:                                             Oval

Number:                                         7 seven

Rhyme Time Words:                    Cat/Bat-----Dog/Hog


Weekly Literature:             “My Favorite Pets!”

                                             “What Pet Would You Like to Have?”

                                              “Tails Are Not For Pulling”                 


Social Studies Concept:              -Being “kind” to others

                                                        -Being “kind” to animals 


This week we will start collecting items for the Lucky Paws Animal Shelter of Nocona.  Items that can be donated include collars, pet food, pet dishes, treats, and toys.  We will be collecting items for two weeks from Feb. 5th-16th.  Please look for a flyer in your student’s folder explaining our plan.