Happy Halloween (Week 10)

Theme:                                           Halloween

                                      (bats, cats, spiders and jack-o-lanterns)

Letter:                                             H h

Color:                                              Orange/Black

Shape:                                             Triangle

Number:                                         5 five

Rhyme Time Words:                     Cat/Hat

Nursery Rhyme:                            The Itsy Bitsy Spider


Weekly Literature:                      “Five Little Bats Flying in the Night”

                                                          “Fantastic Bats”

                                                          “Goodnight Goon”

                                                          “Spooky Hour”


                                                          “Five Little Pumpkins”     

Social Studies:                     -Halloween Safety

                                                -Stranger Danger

                                                -Comparing Sizes/Shapes of Pumpkins

*Please bring a bag of wrapped candy or favors by Friday the 27th

*We will be trick-or-treating at the Big School on Tues. the 31st