6th Grade Instrument Brands

Recommended 6th Grade Instrument Brands


Flute – Gemeinhardt, Yamaha, Jupiter

Clarinet – Yamaha, Selmer, Buffet, Jupiter

Saxophone – Selmer, Yamaha

Trumpet – Yamaha, King, Conn, Bach, Jupiter, Schilke

Trombone – King, Yamaha, Blessing, Conn

Percussion – Mapex, Yamaha, or Vic Firth Bell/Pad kit


Horns, baritones, and tubas will be provided by the school. All 6th grade students are required to purchase Essential Elements Book 1, and are strongly encouraged to purchase a cleaning kit for their instrument. If you are not sure if an instrument is an acceptable brand, please email me at erin.hanson@noconaisd.net so that I can further assist you.