Expect Respect!

NMS is dedicated to improvement in the success of school as an effective learning environment. Aggression, violence, threats, intimidation, and isolation compromise the ability of students to learn and perform in school. This year we are establishing a school-wide expectation for common respect, teaching what that means, and ensuring that all students and faculty and staff members share in the responsibility of making this school a respectful setting that can make a positive difference for all students. 

Expect Respect is designed to achieve the following objectives:

Students will Acquire and Use the Five Core Skills

  1. Discriminate respectful from non-respectful behavior.
  2. Use a “stop” phrase if someone is not respectful to them.
  3. Use a “stop” phrase and remove a recipient if they are a bystander (physically or virtually).
  4.  Use a “stop strategy” if asked to stop by another.
  5. Get help from an adult safely (if necessary).

Adults will

  1. Discriminate respectful from non-respectful behavior.
  2. Label and interrupt non-respectful student behavior when encountered.
  3. Use student and faculty forums to adapt Expect Respect to the local context.
  4. Teach the five core student skills.
  5. Mediate conflict if presented with a problem situation 
    1. Did the reporting student deliver the “stop” signal?
    2. Did the perpetrating student “stop” when signaled?
    3. Protect the safety of all.
  6. Collect and use information to continually improve the social climate of the school. 


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