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Approved Fund Raisers

Who’s Fundraising What we are selling What will be purchased with the funds Approved Fundraiser Dates Goal  Funds Raised
MS STUCO T-shirts Popcorn machine 8/9-8/26/22 $50  
MS STUCO Spirit Shack-Braves Gear Dance/Supplies 9/29-5/15/23 $500  
FFA Meat, Fruit, and Cookie Dough T-Shirts/FFA Convention 10/25-11/14/22 $500 $6134.15
ES 5th grade Raising money Wounded Warrior Project 11/1-11/18/22 $250  
ES 4th grade Krispy Kreme Donuts Field Trip 11/1-11/11/22 $5500 $3255.95
Nocona Band Soy Candles Band Supplies/End of Year Trip 11/7-11/18/22 $2000 $1419.26
HS Cheerleaders Bundt Cakes Cheer Supplies 11/30-12/10/22 $1500  
ES 5th grade Bundt Cakes Field Trip and Parties 1/20-2/3/23 $600  
Nocona BBQ Team Pulled Pork Sandwich Plates Supplies 1/24-1/31/23 $500  
Nocona BBQ Team Team Hats Hats, registration and supplies 2/1-2/28/23 $400  
HS Cheerleaders Bundt Cakes Cheer uniforms 3/10-3/31/23 $3500